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The data is ready to support your sales effort and take your book of business to the next level.  Let's do business.

Providing Data Supporting the Marketing of Payroll Services, PEO's and Worker Comp Insurance


Currently we only support the Florida market.  But our team is diligently working to expand our offering one state at a time.


                                                     CONTACT US

                     If you have a question or want a quote on a data extract please click on the link below to send us an email.

                 We will sent the data to you in either Excel or tab delimited format.  Your choice.  Although we are working on a self servcies portal where you can automatically get your quote, order your data, pay for it and have it immediately sent to you, for the present we want to manually generate each data extract for QA purposes.

                  It is not that our scripts haven't been tested and they do not work.  We have and they do.  The problem is the public data from which we extract is very "dirty".  The state has no edits when the data is submitted.  The state will load it.  Thoughout the development period we have found many data anomolies and have written the scripts and created the tables to correct them.  But we may not have seen all of the problems.  By initially doing it this way, we can catch any data problem we haven't seen and write a script to fix it.

                  Likewise, when using our extracts if you find something that doesn't look right, let us know.  We will check it out and if it is an error, we will fix the issue and send you a new extract.

                  We are here for the long term to provide you with the data which will make your job easier.



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